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smoothie 615

pineapple + 1/2 apple + celery + ice + protein powder + fresh ground anise seeds
= pms 615

nice clean flavor!! even my 10 year old gave it a modified nod.


smoothie 458

pineapple + mango + 1/2 banana + ice + protein powder + green superfood powder
= pms 458

tasted less green than it looked.  : )

smoothie 7418b

pineapple + 1/2 banana + mango + black cherries + cinnamon + ice
= pms 7418

Review: made this smoothie for the kid’s lunch to counter balance the big starchy NY pretzels they were eating. They refused the protein powder, but at least they had mounds of fruit. here is THEIR review:

Morgen: “it was the best texture and flavor and pinkness!”
Hayden: “yum. may i have more? IS there any left?”

smoothie 486

mango + pineapple + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 486

tangy yumm.
note to self: don’t wait until you are starving and low blood sugar shaky to make your smoothie lunch or you will cut your thumb while peeling the mango.

pre-snow smoothie 714

snow man nose (carrot) + pineapple + 1/2 banana + protein powder
= pms 714

should have added ice. not quite cold enough for me, yet good.

smoothie 7418

2 pears + peach + black cherries + cinnamon + protein powder
= pms 7418

serious goodness.

winter smoothie 512

fresh snow + blueberries + 1/2 banana + protein powder + cinnamon
= pms 512

being a HUGE fan of snow, i couldn’t resist including it in this morning’s breakfast. 13″ and hours more of snow to come. don’t talk to me about digesting acid rain, polluted, unfiltered frozen water. my post-detox liver is rock solid and i enjoyed it.  : )