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smoothie 1635

1/4 red bell pepper +  banana +  1/2 apple + strawberries + a handful of red grapes + protein powder
= pms 1635

remnants of a fruit/veggie platter ended up in the blender, resulting in a pretty tasty merger. it’s not all bad being the family bottom-feeder.


smoothie 150

strawberries + carrots + mango + lime juice + protein powder
= pms 150

Delish! If i was a woman of leisure, this one would would have made it into a fancy glass with fruity stuff hanging off of it.

smoothie 689

blueberries + strawberries + 1/2 banan + protein powder
= pms 689

although the flavor was great, somehow, liquid frozen berries did not thwart my coveting a nice big bowl of farina with brown sugar. i think i need a workout, i’m FREEZING today.

smoothie 721

strawberries + mango + banana + protein powder
= pms 721

yum! curious… why does the magic bullet always leave a little unblended fruit “ball” at the bottom of my glass? odd.

smoothie 7502

granny smith apple + avocado + strawberries + protein powder + fresh grated ginger
= pms 7502

surprisingly good combo. put it in a purple water bottle w/a straw so i didn’t have to look at it. thanks for sharing this recipe Sandi!!

smoothie 467

2 pears + 1 banana + protein powder + ice + little agave nectar squeeze
= pms

if an adult could have a baby food flash back, this was it. not that it was terrible, but i’m just sayin.

smoothie 134

mango + slices of fresh fennel + 1/2 banana + ice + protein powder
= pms 134

i was worried about ruining the mango-ness with throwing in the fennel/anise, but dared to and it was SERIOUSLY AWESOME!