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smoothie 689

cranaberries + apple + blueberries +protein powder + ice + agave nectar
= ps 689

Review: too sweet. put to much agave in. bleh.


cruise smoothie 1355

pineapple + apricots + ice + protein powder + tumeric
= pms 1355

Review: smooth and sweet and delish tropicalish.
IF i had the $ to be on a cruise  and IF i ordered this smoothie, i would think it very worth the $7.50 they would have charged me for it!
a girl can dream.

smoothie 178

peaches + strawberries + red bell pepper + 1/2 banana + ice + cinnamon + turmeric + protein powder
= pms 178

the protein powder softens the color of most of the smoothies, so i thought i’d show you the color of this one BEFORE i added the powder. nice!

Birthday Smoothie

peach + FIFTY blueberries + banana + cranberries + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 5135

Review: Made special for the birthday boy. I didn’t taste it, so he’ll have to let us know how this  combo was.


smoothie 169

1 HUGE fuji apple + carrots + strawberries + protein powder + cinnamon
= pms 169

kind of like drinking  a thick, semi-frozen applesauce. but the carrots and strawberries added an interesting, complex flavor (and sweetness). really liked this one.

plums + watermelon + cranberries + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 205

an odd, monochromatic mix of things that were on hand. had quite a zing. next time, need to blend longer so the pieces of plum skin don’t get stuck to the roof of my mouth.

smoothie 7515

banana + peach + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 7515

my 10 yr. old described this one as “tangy and yummy , but i’m not gunna say what it looks like”.