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smoothie 1625

peaches + strawberries + banana + protein powder
= pms 1625

another simple, “safe” summer blend staple of a smoothie.


pms 690

blueberries (tons) + frozen strawberries + ice + cinnamon + protein powder
= pms 690

Your basic blueberry goodness. Ken put in a request that i “blend it forever” because he is not a fan of any lumps whatsoever. So blend it forever I did. Regardless, as i poured it into his to-go container, the ultra creamy flow of fruit goodness gave way to one single “ker-plunk” blob of a strawberry. So it is with the Magic Bullet i guess. Relax and think of it as a prize my dear.  ; )

smoothie 688

peaches + blueberries + cinnamon + whey protein + ice + agave nectar
= pms 688

Summertime through a straw. Delish.

smoothie 160

carrots + strawberries + celery + handful of cilantro + ice + lime
= pms 160

I really did go into this one with a good experimental attitude, but it was an epic FAIL. The flavor combo was too intense (which is shocking for me). All it needed was cooked venison and it would have been icy stew with no seasonings. ick.  so, since i am no longer on the dairy-free (among other things) detox, in went the greek yogurt to mellow things out. BARELY got it down friends. OK…. i couldn’t finish it.

smoothie 682

cranberries + blueberries + celery + lemon + ice + whey protein
= pms 682

This one had a tangy, yet clean flavor. Like.

smoothie 121

banana + mango + protein powder + cinnamon + ice =
pms 121

nice. now if only i had a papaya to add in….

smoothie 708

Cranberries + strawberries + banana + agave + protein powder
= pms 708

Review: your basic, smooth, icy (berries were frozen), summer morning treat of a breakfast.