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smoothie 156

3 nectarines (w/skin on) + fresh lime juice + fresh ginger + 1/2 banana  + protein powder + ice + agave nectar
= pms 156

Well, hello! This one packs a far brighter punch than it’s hue. If you don’t mind the strength of fresh ginger driving the bus, i highly recommend this great, energizing combo.


smoothie 214 for LiveSTRONG

fresh raspberries + ice + protein powder + agave nectar
= pms 214

Review: a friend had given me a big beautiful mound of fresh picked berries from her bushes. I hoarded them all to myself as a special breakfast smoothie to drink on the way to the starting line of the LiveSTRONG Challenge. I rode 70 miles with 3500 other folks (and Lance Armstrong!) and raised $2000 to help families fight cancer head-on. An amazing day needs to start with an amazing drink!

Take a peek at the story behind the ride.

smoothie 155

2 peaches + 1/2 banana + ice + turmeric + protein powder
= pms 155

peaches weren’t all that sweet. phooey. i ran out of cinnamon. that would have helped.

smoothie 1355

mango + nectarine + lime + ice + protein powder
= pms 1355

post-pedaling lunch. put in extra protein powder since i was dragging. still yummy.

smoothie 221

blueberries + peach + cinnamon + agave nectar + protein powder
= pms 221

hooray! back to post-vaca protein smoothies. Missed the whole-foods / whey protein energy source.