i eat colors


about this color folly

In an effort to reclaim good eating habits a few years back, I decided to try a 21 day purification detox cleanse program. Temporarily omitting all things like carbs, dairy and sugars, meant getting creative with mass amounts of fruits and veggies.

Being a designer, I live and breath color. So naturally, when I mixed up my first batch of power food and saw the hue, I couldn’t help but dash for my Pantone swatch book and identify the number. Kooky, I know… but self-amusement goes a long way when you are trying to convince yourself to swallow some scary self-made sludge.

Even when not doing a bi-annual detox program, I still stick to the new health-happy habits, including nutritious and sometimes “experimental” smoothies. It offsets the occasional trip to Dunkin Donuts.  😉

Please send your smoothie/shake ingredient combo suggestions. I just might try yours!
[and I’ll post the colors result of course].

– Suz


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  Charles wrote @

I love it! Go Suzan!

  Suz wrote @

Charles, you are the perpetual encourager. : )

  TheIdiotSpeaketh wrote @

Hi Suze! I will be sure to bookmark this blog so I can go back and research on how I can continue to drop weight but stay healthy. I still struggle with trying to avoid a bunch of the “junk” foods that I crave and that has probably slowed my weight loss since I started riding. I really need to drop another 50lbs before the end of the year to reach my goal of skydiving. Have a great day!

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