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smoothie 4665

pears + peaches + cinnamon + agave nectar + whey protein
= pms 4665

Review: OK, i’ll admit, this one was really pretty bland and was a challenge to get down the entire glass. The cinnamon was the only thing that saved it. I blame it on the lackluster frozen peaches…. pining for fresh summer fruits now!


smootie 4665

kiwis + strawberries + pineapple + red grapes + protein poweder
= pms 4665

Review: Sorry color wheel friends—of course i ended up with a lovely mud tone when i mixed green and red. however, this was so delish! Sweet and tangy… made you feel like you could seriously accomplish something after you drank it. Guess i better get to it.

smoothie 155

2 peaches + 1/2 banana + ice + turmeric + protein powder
= pms 155

peaches weren’t all that sweet. phooey. i ran out of cinnamon. that would have helped.

smoothie 160

carrots + strawberries + celery + handful of cilantro + ice + lime
= pms 160

I really did go into this one with a good experimental attitude, but it was an epic FAIL. The flavor combo was too intense (which is shocking for me). All it needed was cooked venison and it would have been icy stew with no seasonings. ick.  so, since i am no longer on the dairy-free (among other things) detox, in went the greek yogurt to mellow things out. BARELY got it down friends. OK…. i couldn’t finish it.

smoothie 7515

banana + peach + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 7515

my 10 yr. old described this one as “tangy and yummy , but i’m not gunna say what it looks like”.

smoothie 459

banana + mango + protein powder + ice + frozen green peas + cinnamon + ginger
= pms 459

odd, yet pretty good.

smoothie 4985

strawberries + 1/2 banana + 1/2 carrot + blueberries + protein powder + agave
= pms  4985

Review:  made this one for my husband’s breakfast. hopefully it was good fuel for his day.