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smoothie 5135

special pears + blueberries + black berries + strawberry + whey protien
= pms 5135

These were not just any pears, these were insanely ripe Harry & David pears. wow.


smoothie 696

fresh picked blueberries, peach, apple + orange juice = pms 696

Review: The summer rule in the house is that my kids are in charge of making their own breakfasts and lunch. Sometimes they even treat me to their culinary ups and downs. This one was created by my 11yr. old son. GREAT combo of flavors!

smoothie 229

blueberries + blueberries + more blueberries + lemon + cinnamon + whey protein
= pms 229

Review: Although adding flakey, buttery crust crossed my mind, this WAS blueberry pie heaven through a straw. Happy Birthday to me.


smoothie 4995

peaches + blueberries + strawberries + green grapes + 1/2 banana + whey protein
= pms

Review: Getting low on everything, meant a hodge-podge of whatever was left in the fridge/freezer. Surprisingly tasty!

smoothie 221

blueberries + beets + strawberries + cinnamon + lemon + whey protein + agave nectar
= pms 221

Review: The subtle earthiness the beets brought to an otherwise sweet combination made this one taste more like a meal. In a good way.

smoothie 261

lots of blueberries (picked last summer and frozen) + pear + lemon juice + cinnamon + cloves
= pms261

Review: made this one for the hubby and only had a tiny taste, but it ranked pretty high on flavor in my book.

smoothie 695

pears + blackberries + strawberries + cinnamon + whey protein
= pms 695

Review: Good flavor. The grittiness of pears, i don’t mind…. the big blackberry seeds, however, are growing old. In a perfect world, i would blend the berries first and put it through a sieve. Yeah, that’s not happening!