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smoothie 701

701strawberries + banana + raspberries + whey protein
= pms 701

Review: YUM! Finally getting back on board with my protein drinks. I have a metric century ride in 3 weeks and my carb intake will surely be my doom if i don’t make food alterations pronto.


smoothie 501

pear + strawberries + ice + protein powder
= pms 501

Simple, happy flavor. It was the Harry and David pear i think.

pms 7416

mango + strawberries + whey protein
= pms 7416

Review: OK, that mango that everyone has been ignoring?… the one with the over ripe wrinkly skin?… I have no shame…. yes, i am the household bottom-feeder…. i used it. And to my surprise, after i peeled back the skin and carved out the “really, i should be composted” parts, what i had was insanely sweet ripeness. And it had an insane color to match. Excellent.

smoothie 221

blueberries + beets + strawberries + cinnamon + lemon + whey protein + agave nectar
= pms 221

Review: The subtle earthiness the beets brought to an otherwise sweet combination made this one taste more like a meal. In a good way.

smoothie 701

strawberries + banana + blackberries + agave nectar + whey protein
= pms 701

Review: Blended this one an xtra long time… smooth and delish for VALENTINE’S DAY.  : )

smoothie 189

strawberries + pear + bing cherries + agave nectar + whey protein
= pms 189

Review: like.

smoothie 493

blackberries + peaches + strawberries + protein powder
= pms 493

Review: nice, but a bit mundane in a “where’s the cinnamon?” sort of way.