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Smoothie 7416

Fresh picked blueberries + Harry & David honey mangoes + ice + whey protein
= pms 7416

Review: After being peeled, these mangoes were much more SLIMY than the ones i usually get at the market, but they really did have a honey flavor and blended well with the berries.


smoothie 1215

mango + banana + 2 cucumber slices + protein powder + ice + cinnamon
= pms 1215

interesting…. sort of refreshing!

smoothie 135

mango + peach + ice + cinnamon
= pms 135

Review: Mango was insanely ripe. Peach?… not so much (kind of mealy). Good thing the mango had enough punch for both of them.

smoothie 7410

nectarines + 1/2 banana + ice + whey protein
= pms 7410

Review: sweet and tangy… these nectarines were simply PERFECT.

pms 7416

mango + strawberries + whey protein
= pms 7416

Review: OK, that mango that everyone has been ignoring?… the one with the over ripe wrinkly skin?… I have no shame…. yes, i am the household bottom-feeder…. i used it. And to my surprise, after i peeled back the skin and carved out the “really, i should be composted” parts, what i had was insanely sweet ripeness. And it had an insane color to match. Excellent.

smoothie 472

mango + strawberries + green grapes + whey protein
= pms 472

Review: who needs sugar and agave when there are grapes to sweeten up a not-so-ripe mango?

smoothie 7410

mango + peaches + strawberries + whey protein
= pmsĀ 7410

Review: Terrific combo that got it’s success from an outstandingly ripe mango.