i eat colors


smoothie 135

mango + peach + ice + cinnamon
= pms 135

Review: Mango was insanely ripe. Peach?… not so much (kind of mealy). Good thing the mango had enough punch for both of them.


smoothie 7410

nectarines + 1/2 banana + ice + whey protein
= pms 7410

Review: sweet and tangy… these nectarines were simply PERFECT.

smoothie 696

fresh picked blueberries, peach, apple + orange juice = pms 696

Review: The summer rule in the house is that my kids are in charge of making their own breakfasts and lunch. Sometimes they even treat me to their culinary ups and downs. This one was created by my 11yr. old son. GREAT combo of flavors!

pms 7416

mango + strawberries + whey protein
= pms 7416

Review: OK, that mango that everyone has been ignoring?… the one with the over ripe wrinkly skin?… I have no shame…. yes, i am the household bottom-feeder…. i used it. And to my surprise, after i peeled back the skin and carved out the “really, i should be composted” parts, what i had was insanely sweet ripeness. And it had an insane color to match. Excellent.

smoothie 229

blueberries + blueberries + more blueberries + lemon + cinnamon + whey protein
= pms 229

Review: Although adding flakey, buttery crust crossed my mind, this WAS blueberry pie heaven through a straw. Happy Birthday to me.


smoothie 472

mango + strawberries + green grapes + whey protein
= pms 472

Review: who needs sugar and agave when there are grapes to sweeten up a not-so-ripe mango?

smoothie 7411

mango + carrot + 1/2 banana + cinnamon + whey protein
= pms 7411

Review: super tasty and filling